Muddy Pig Press


MPP does not pay royalties and is ideally suited for those who sell their own books or use them for promotional or marketing purposes. Books will have an ISBN number and the author can choose to have it available in Kindle format and offer it for sale on bookseller websites.

MPP is not a vanity press or self-publishing house. There are no set-up charges, publishing fees, reading fees, editing fees, etc. Authors only pay for books they choose to purchase at wholesale prices. Authors set the retail price of their books subject to  a minimum.

Unlike self-publishing companies, MPP will not simply publish anything. Books must be well written and free of grammatical errors and typos. It is highly recommended that you have your work professionally edited prior to submission. Total train wrecks will be rejected.

The Muddy Pig Press Specializes in small-run anthologies, family memoirs, corporate publications, private projects, and efforts major publishers would deem to be too small.